Just when you though it was safe to purchase a new PC…

Posted on June 13, 2012 · Posted in Operating System

You do it and so do I, we old time geeks are not immune. I wish there was a pill or special place I could go to avoid it. But, like you, I anticipate it with mixed feelings, part fear and part exhilaration, that is, the next release of Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS), now dubbed Windows 8.

It promises to provide for all of our needs, including the move to standardize the user experience of desktops, laptops and tablets alike. How successful it will be at fulfilling the desires of our heart’s has yet to be determined. But this you can be sure, it is coming, and you can’t stop it.

What does this mean for the small business? Plenty. I expect this new shiny OS to be the defacto standard on all new PC’s late this year, like it or not. And unlike Vista and Windows 7, I don’t expect Microsoft to extend their licensing to allow you to install XP or Windows 7 on a new Windows 8 PC. This means, that unless you want to experience the exhalation of learning a new OS, you might want to consider purchasing your new computers early Q4 of 2012, especially those of you in the accounting and tax industry.

I expect it to take a few months after Windows 8 release before 3rd party software technical support staff to be well versed in supporting their applications on Windows 8, after all, they are human too (so I am told). So you could avoid all that fun and purchase your new systems sooner rather than later.

Oh, so now you’re ticked off because you heeded the warning, but have found that you love Windows 8, all of your business software runs great, and Windows 8, does in fact, create world peace. But you are now stranded on Windows 7 because some jerk told you to buy early. Have no fear, Microsoft has anticipated your every need, and is now offering an almost free ($15) upgrade path for computers purchased after June 2nd, 2012.

So there you go, what’ll it be, Windows 7 this year and go with a known quantity, or are you a cutting edge kind of person and thrives on the thrill of being an early adopter? Whatever your style, you can bet this will not be the last dance.

Keith (not yet brave enough to be running Windows 8 beta)