The Highest Compliment We Can Receive Is The Referral Of Your Friends, Family & Business Associates!

We are grateful for the opportunities and relationships that we are entrusted with and want to reward you for sharing your business connections. A great referral is a company with 20 to 100 computers.

Simply call us at 503-850-3055 or email and include all referral’s contact information. Please, let them know that you are referring them to our service.

If your referral asks us to present our proposal to them, you will receive a 100 dollar gift certificate. If your referral becomes our new valued customer, you or a charity of your choice will receive a bonus of $500. We will contact you in due time to find out what your reward preference is.

While you are referring a business you know, tell them how ATS changes the ways that the IT services are delivered:

  • Greatest value - Get the best possible service from your IT budget
  • Peace of Mind - Eliminate anxiety, frustration, annoyance and concern relating to IT support
  • A tailored network - Balance of highest achievable security and user experience
  • Unparalleled communication - The job is done right the first time


Thank you for your continuing trust.

ATS Team


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