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Enterprise IT executives expect to spend 34% of their IT budgets on hosting and cloud services in 2017
—451 Research

Cloud computing is about delivering computing services remotely, over the Internet. What makes it popular is its remarkable benefits and advantages it provides over the traditional model, which can be complicated and expensive. Traditional business applications require a lot of hardware and software to run them. You need a team of experts to install, configure and to maintain them. So if you have a hundred or so workers that need a dozen apps, the cost to make it all work and support it can be very high.

Making use of Cloud Computing gives you these advantages:

  • Reduced IT Costs – Reduction in IT infrastructure investments, and reduction of costs related to business processes.
  • Business Continuity and Data Protection – Data is stored throughout the data centers of the world, backups are set up and are available to access anytime.
  • Scalability – Cloud servers operate and charge based on how much resources you need, whether you upscale or downscale your operations.
  • Guaranteed reliability – Most cloud providers have 99.99% server up-time reliability. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access applications anytime, anywhere.
  • Mobility – IT teams become more flexible, have better control and can modify data wherever it is in the world.


Experience Cloud Computing Today.

We offer complete cloud computing solutions, support and consulting services in Gresham, OR. Our experienced cloud consultants are ready to assist you through every stage of the cloud life cycle. Our cloud service starts with an assessment of your existing systems. We should be able to determine what kind of cloud setup you will need for your operations while taking into consideration the short-term and the long-term impact on the business.

From there, we will be able to make a roadmap of the implementation. A technical architecture will be part of this blueprint and highlight technical details of the cloud environment. Afterward, implementation will roll out and start the process of migrating existing systems into the selected cloud environment. Once everything is in place, we provide regular support to our clients. We can help troubleshoot and perform maintenance service as well.

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