Computer Support

Business interruption killing your bottom line?

Today’s successful organization’s recognizes that keeping critical computer systems available and running without interruptions is a key component to continued success. Unfortunately, maintaining computer systems with an in-house staff is often more costly and inefficient than outsourcing to the right provider. We are a professional computer support company serving Milwaukie, OR and can help your business with our computer support offering.

Total Operation Protection Services (T.O.P.S) is Assured Technology Solutions premium unlimited computer support solution that proactively manages, monitors and supports your entire technology infrastructure. T.O.P.S. is designed to maximize the efficiency of your technology investments, tighten network security, reduce downtime disruptions and eliminating the day-to-day worry of computer support, allowing you to focus on your core business.

With T.O.P.S from Assured Technology Solutions, you can enjoy:

Total Data Backup Protection

Human error, power outages, viruses and hardware failures are the leading culprits to data loss events. Local backups or off-site cloud storage options only provide partial recovery protection but how protected are you from a total server loss?

Complete network management

Our computer support provides 24/7 monitoring of all covered systems from computers, servers, mobile devices and all the network appliances operating your business. Our industry leading tools and processes will often catch issues before it affects the users.

Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support

Certified team of technicians can help small firms act “big” by giving you access to the same expertise and fast resolutions that large companies enjoy. We have a fully staffed help desk to ensure you get a live certified technician every time you call. Remote assistance will be the primary method of support to ensure utmost efficiency to get you back running quicker and on-site support available for issues needing hands-on resolutions.

Easy Predictability

We believe in proving our worth each and every time we work together and we provide that by offering a predictable monthly fixed fee with no long term commitments. No surprises, no hidden costs and no guessing when partnered with ATS.

Strategy and Budgeting/Forecasting

There are a lot of technologies out there and lots of ways to potentially improve your current computer investments. We can help you budget, forecast and make security/performance recommendations to improve the way you successfully interact with your technology.

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Being reactive might be too late, learn more about the benefits of TOPS to ensure your business survival.