Assured Technology Solutions is highly experienced when it comes to making wireless networks, work.

Assured Technology Solutions’ consultants have helped businesses and organizations of all sizes plan and optimize their wireless solutions.

We offer professional wireless network site surveys and heat mapping services in Portland, OR. Through the use of these offerings, businesses can be assured of a reliable signal strength, optimized network coverage, and future scalability.

We use a systematic approach, first defining requirements of the client.

Examples are:

  • How many users will be on the network at any given time?
  • What kind of devices will be used?
  • What areas are in need of wireless signal? Should any areas be excluded?


We make use of wireless heat-map reports.

We then provide recommendations for deployment of the wireless network. Comprehensive documentation including all of the reports and findings, recommendations, and a bill of materials needed for deployment are provided upon completion of the survey process.

Wireless Heatmapping

Wireless Heat-maps make use of color to illustrate coverage areas and strength of WiFi signal in your facility, provide accurate information on your WiFi performance, and allow informed business decisions to be made related to troubleshooting or addition of equipment to improve performance.

Our reports help you understand:

The quantity of access points are needed for a flawless and reliable  wireless service experience.

Where to deploy access points to maximize the coverage span of the network.

How to configure the access points to ensure optimal performance for end users.

We use globally recognized software that is best in making wireless heat-maps for all sizes of buildings and infrastructure. Contact us now for a free consultation regarding your wireless networking needs.