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Exchange Online Threat Protection.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your company email in real time against unknown and sophisticated attacks.

Customers with subscription to select Exchange or Office 365 plans can add Advanced Threat Protection for their environment.


Secure your company mailboxes against advanced threats

New malware attacks are being created and launched everyday with accelerated frequency.  One of the biggest threats, Ransomware (Crypto-Locker) is coming in as email 59% of the time and can easily trick the savviest of your office staff. Luckily Office 365 has a solution to help further protect your emails against threats in real time.


Protect against unsafe attachments

Email attachments represent your greatest risk. With Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, all attachments go through a real-time behavioral malware analysis to evaluate the contents for any suspicious activity. Unsafe attachments are then “detonated” before being sent to the recipients in a safe format. Providing a more secure and malware free inbox.



Protect your environment when users click malicious link

Exchange Online Protection provides protection to your environment when users click a link inside an email. The content of the link is scanned and examined in real-time, at the time a user clicks them. If a link is found to be unsafe, the user is warned no to visit the site or informed that the site has been blocked.





Rich reporting and track links in messages

Gain valuable information into who is being targeted in your organization and allows you to investigate messages that have been blocked due to unknown viruses or malware. URL trace capability allows you to track individual malicious links in messages that have been clicked by your users.