Cloud Strategy

Client Cloud Strategy

At Assured Technology Solutions we see the future of businesses enhanced by utilizing select cloud technologies. We are seeing great value from cloud services such as Office 365 Hosted Exchange, and Disaster Recovery. But for now, not all applications are cloud friendly.

Assured Technology Solutions is here to help you through evaluating your unique position and application mix, and to consult with you on what your cloud strategy might look like, and provide a vision to what the future will hold for your business.

This evaluation process will include the following steps:

  1. Identify all of the required client applications in use

  2. Create a realistic risk assessment of cloud connection speed and reliability

  3. Determine best Cloud strategy options, including cost estimates

  4. Deploy pre-production test platform for final evaluation

  5. Final approval of client to proceed

Great low cost options available

If you’re an Office 365 customer, you may not know that most plans include more than 1TB (1000GB) of included of cloud storage! You’re paying for it, why not use it! With recent enhancements to Windows 10, it is now a great choice for small businesses looking for an easy way to connect a disturbed or remote workforce, and to be a part of a resilient disaster recovery solution.