Cryptolocker Removal

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Cryptolocker Removals

In today's online culture, being critical of anything while browsing the internet is the norm for most people with all the security threats a user could encounter. However, not all people are technical enough to distinguish between legitimate emails, safe links, and unreliable ones. One of the security threats notoriously circulating around the internet is cryptolocker.

Understanding a cryptolocker

A cryptolocker is a type of malware that spreads mostly through infected email attachments. Crpytolockers attack any Windows operating system by encrypting all the files stored in that computer using an RSA-2048 key. With a cryptolocker in place, users of the particular PC won't be able to access these files unless they pay a ransom using a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin.

Settling the encrypted files

Surely, you don't want to pay the ransom. Unfortunately, paying the ransom does not automatically guarantee your attacker will send you the decryption code to restore your files. Paying these attackers also helps them fund future attacks against other networks and businesses.

There are other options available to break free from a cryptolocker attack

Assured Technology Solutions can help you remove the cryptolocker and navigate your network to identify any damage caused or vulnerabilities for future attacks. We have helped all company types from SMBs to enterprise-level organizations with cryptolocker removals.

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