ATS Security Stack incorporates proactive tools and processes designed to prevent loss or corruption of critical assets. System security tailored to safeguard the resources necessary to achieving your business objectives.

Comprehensive Security Coverage

ATS helps you build a cybersecurity infrastructure that greatly reduces your threat profile without impacting your critical business operations.

We address the three primary components to ensuring the security of your information assets, personnel, processes and technology.


Informed and aware employees are the best defense against the most common and successful cyber attacks. ATS will train your staff and keep them informed of the latest defenses.


We help you establish processes that strengthen your network and limit damage and downtime in the event of a breach.


ATS deploys modern, state-of-the art tools to manage risk and deliver desirable cybersecurity outcomes as defined by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

NIST Cybersecurity framework—activities for driving positive outcomes

The ATS Security Stack

  • Security Awareness training
  • DNS Filtering
  • Customized Security Template
  • Advanced Email Threat Protection
  • Office 365 Enhanced Security
  • Internet Firewall
  • Endpoint Firewall
  • Domain / DNS Security
  • Breach Detection
  • Network Segmentation
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • System Anti-Virus

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