Disaster Recovery and Backup

What would happen if you lost your data?

Why AssureIT Disaster Recovery and Backup?

If your business is like most businesses today, your computer data is vital to your everyday operations. In fact, information is often regarded as the lifeblood of today’s businesses. Information such as your:

  • Customer Records
  • Emails & Contact Information
  • Financial Data
  • Key Databases
  • Important Documents

What would happen if you lost that data? Could you recreate it? Even if you could recreate it, how much time would this process take? How much money would it cost you in lost business and lost opportunities? And finally, would your business even survive?

Whether a small or midsize business, you can insure yourself against such loss and inconvenience with the AssureIT Disaster Recovery and Backup. Our AssureIT online data backup software is specifically designed to manage the process of data backup, storage and recovery.

AssureIT Disaster Recovery and Backup is Automatic.

Once the AssureIT software is installed and configured, backups start automatically. You never have to change disks, rotate tapes or label CDs.


  • Backup monitoring and managed by ATS, quarterly restore testing
  • Images of your server infrastructure, not just data files
  • Images securely stored AES256 encrypted both locally in our appliance, in the ATS offices, and in a secure cloud datacenter(s) in central US, data storage always in USA
  • Application aware - Our solution is MS Exchange and MS SQL application aware, using Microsoft's VSS
  • Quarterly file recovery testing on each protected system
  • Local server failover - In the even your system fail, our system can run your protected server(s) in our local appliance (performance limited)
  • Initial cloud seeding - Provides faster synchronization for the first data set
  • 24-hour access to our system via the cloud after declaration of a site disaster
  • Daily monitoring
  • Can be used to supplement your existing data security solution, or used exclusively
  • Annual Disaster Recovery testing (depending on agreement)
  • No upfront or installation costs