Structured Cabling

cabling art samples

Sample Database Cabling Picture from Pinterest.

Structured Cabling Installation

At a glance, network and data center cabling might seem simple and easy to do, but there is far more to proper planning and installation of your cabling set up.

Cabling is an art.

Beautiful cabling structures are not only pleasing to the eyes with colors and size variations, structured cabling also organizes your data centers and servers for streamlined troubleshooting, upgrades, and network changes.

Not only does network cabling have to function well, but it also has to be presentable at all times. Faulty cables, loose wires and tangled cords are inconvenient and can be detrimental to IT infrastructure performance in some aspects. In extreme cases, they can be dangerous.

Assured Technology Cabling Services

Cable management techniques are skills that are hard to come by. Cable management is a niche service- not every IT service provider or expert can deliver. Assured Technology Solutions takes pride in being one of few cabling service providers in our area with deep experience reconfiguring existing cabling runs and installing new network cabling. Our team understands cabling infrastructure based on current needs, future company growth, and upcoming technological advances.

Whether you need copper, fiber optic cabling, or both you can rely on us for a quality installation. We've partnered with several cabling companies, we know which cables to trust and what is easily accessible in our service areas.

Happy clients keep us going, and we're more than happy to serve you. Contact us to learn more about our cabling installation services!