Windows 7 End Of Life

Windows 7 End Of Life

Microsoft announced the end of life of one of its successful operating systems -Windows 7 end of life is fast approaching.

We all have experienced the power and familiarity of Windows 7 since its first release in 2009. Some of the new features included were advances in touch, speech and handwriting recognition. The software giant also added more support for virtual hard disks including additional file formats. But they didn’t stop there, many consumers were sold with how Microsoft improved performance on multi-core processors, boot time, and kernel improvements. This is why consumers and businesses immediately adopted Windows 7 from the predecessor version.

But all great things must come to an end.

In January 2020 the Windows 7 reaches its end of life phase. This means Microsoft will no longer release updates and patches for the operating system. You can still use it for as long as you want but the risk is now inevitable. There are serious security implications for any business that continues to use it. 

Here are the top potential risks:


End of life also means no more security fixes from the manufacturer. This also means that Windows 7 will be now swamped with virus, malware, ransomware, spam and all types of intruders.


Whenever a software company releases its product, they optimize it with the newest operating system. When you keep using Windows 7 it’s likely your business won’t be able to harness the latest and greatest features of various software.


And when you are using an old operating system with legacy apps, chances are you will encounter all sorts of glitches, lags, and crashes.

This will significantly affect your business productivity.


Maintaining and bug-fixing any end of life software is expensive. Hiring programmers to make an old application work on an old operating system has a long list of expenses. Furthermore, there is no guarantee the fixes will stay working in the future.

These are just the top few, as the list goes on and on and on…

Using an outdated operating system is like having a door wide open for malware, intruders, and hackers. Don’t disregard all the work you put in to protecting your customer data. Imagine the money, time and effort your business invested safeguarding data, only to later be being hacked and stolen because you are using an end of life operating system.

Don’t let this tragedy happen to your business. Updating your equipment to Windows 10 can prevent these circumstances from happening. With Windows 10, you are once again getting security patches, featured releases, compatibility / bug fixes, and support from the experts. The earlier your business updates, the better. 

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