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Our Approach

Today’s organization is increasingly seeking out opportunities to drive savings, increase efficiencies, and improve overall returns in their business operations. ATS understands the demands of these objectives and what it takes to accomplish them. Our diverse services and solutions are designed with our client’s needs always at top of mind and the strategies we provide enable maximized value, efficiency, and scalability so you can focus on your core business.

When you partner with ATS, you can rely on the fact that your success is our number one objective!

We invite you to explore some of our suite of services and solutions and the recognition we’ve received in helping others with their objectives.

AssureIT/BC – Business Continuity

The AssureIT/BC Business Continuity solution enables the quick recovery of ones most critical business systems, should your company site become completely unavailable due to fire, earthquake or other devastating event. Our solution enables the restoration and availability of your most important network services easily accessible via the web. Read More

AssureIT Online Backup

What would happen if you lost that data? Could you recreate it? Even if you could recreate it, how much time would this process take? How much money would it cost you in lost business and lost opportunities? And finally, would your business even survive? Whether a small or midsize business, you can insure yourself against such loss and inconvenience with the AssureIT online backup service. Our AssureIT online data backup software is specifically designed to manage the process of data backup, storage and recovery. Read More

Microsoft Office 365

Get the value, power, and simplicity of Microsoft® Office 365 for small businesses, a set of web-enabled tools that let you access your email, documents, contacts, and calendars from virtually anywhere, on almost any device. The service brings together online versions of the best communications and collaboration tools from Microsoft, at a price that small businesses can afford. This is the much anticipated cloud service that gives small businesses the capabilities and efficiencies to grow and target more rapid success. Read More

ShareFile: Secure File Transfer

ShareFile is the perfect solution for any type of business that needs to transfer large files or sensitive data. ShareFile is incredibly easy to use, totally secure and helps you present a professional appearance while avoiding hassles when you need to email large files. Read More

Document Management

At last, an Enterprise quality Document Management system that’s priced right for departmental and small to medium businesses! It’s a feature rich document management package that delivers ROI straight out of the box – immediately enabling users to scan, index, store and search for documents. It cuts paper usage, automates business processes, reduces overhead and saves money. Read More