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Team Assist.

Assured Technology Solutions – Team Assist

Enterprise management tools available to solution providers managing hundreds of systems are expensive to purchase and implement. To that end, ATS is offering a Management / Security bundle. Your organization can leverage Enterprise tools, without the high deployment and tooling costs.

The ATS Team Assist for IT Professionals package includes:

  • Huntress Breach Detection
  • ConnectWise Automate
  • ThirdWall Customized Security Template
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Automate Configuration Assistance Benefit

Huntress Breach Detection

  • Huntress Breach detection service brings costs-effective cybersecurity expertise to your team
  • Agent deploys to your managed PCs within seconds using your existing Remote Management (RMM) solution
  • When Huntress discovers a breach, remediation recommendations are generated directly in your existing ticketing system or PSA.

ConnectWise Automate

Eliminate blind spots in your supported environments before they become a problem. ConnectWise Automate allows you to discover all devices and users so they can be proactively monitored. Take service excellence up a notch with ConnectWise Automate’s intuitive user interface, which includes an integrated search tool to make life easier for techs.

Automate Configuration Assistance Benefit

  • Technical support to configure and optimize the solution to client’s specific needs. Technical support would be limited to deployment, configuration, automation, and testing of services and features in Automate, Third-Wall, or Huntress.
  • ATS will reach out quarterly to each participating client to see what can be done to help
  • 1 hour per month per 100 nodes, annualized.100 nodes = 12 hours per year, 50 nodes = 6 hours per year, etc

ThirdWall Security Template

  • Applies automated policies and monitoring to make your system more secure.  WAY better than written policies or even Group Policy.
  • Allows policy exceptions easily to any computer, and reporting of policies on all computers.
  • Enforce 63 security policies, many of which there is not GPO for.  For example, Microsoft 10 key logging can be disabled, enforce disabled autorun, enforce password management.
  • Provides highly effective “EMERGENCY ACTION” buttons for infected, lost or stolen computers.
  • Creates a full Audit Report to prove compliance for HIPAA, PCI, others.
  • Creates a full record of every user logon, logoff, unlock, lock and failed logon event.
  • Visit http://third-wall.com for details and demo

Dark Web Monitoring

This added monitoring will alert you when new password compromises associated with your domain name have hit the Dark Web. As part of this service, ATS will be providing you a list of currently compromised identities within your organization, listed on the Dark Web. Most clients will like a follow up phone call to discuss the risks associated with these past external breaches, your organizations risk factor, and remediation steps and recommended ongoing Best Practices.