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Storage vMotion

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Jan 2013 – Business Problem

100+ seat accounting firm needed to migrate VMWare virtual machines from older VMware 3.5 server to new vSphere 5.1 server with minimal interruption is services. To complicate the requirement, virtual servers that needed to be moved were stored on the local hosts disk array, not on the HP fiber SAN that had been installed after the fact.


Upgraded VMware 3.5 server to vSphere 5.1 and licensed with VMWare Standard Acceleration Kit. Created required VLANs in network switches to allow for vMotion ad Storage vMotion. Installed and vCenter for VMware centralized management.


Performed Storage vMotion of more than 1TB from local disks to fiber SAN, with servers live. Then performed live vMotion of virtual servers to run from new HP server host. Entire task was accomplished with little more than 1 hour of downtime, which was needed to upgrade the VMware 3.5 software. Client now has complete flexibility to move location of virtual servers data and rehost virtual machines to different hosts without any interruption to network services. –score!—