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Zix One.


A Simple BYOD Approach

Zix One

  • Corporate data never resides on an employee’s personal device

  • Employees maintain complete control over their mobile device

  • Simple and convenient user experience

  • Reduces corporate legal liability


Increasing Need for BYOD

BYOD is a business reality that is rapidly becoming mandatory. Employees are now using their personal devices to conduct business and access corporate data. Many businesses are struggling to adapt to this new reality and implement BYOD policies that meet both business needs and employee demands.

Current BYOD solutions either jeopardize corporate data by allowing it to reside on the device or they neglect the user experience.

ZixCorp solves the BYOD challenge with ZixOne, a solution that businesses and employees can accept with ease. The solution allows employees to maintain complete control of their device but satisfies corporate security requirements by not allowing email data to reside on the device. It is the ultimate BYOD solution that presents uncompromised benefits for both employees and companies.

Summary of Business Drivers & Justifications for BYOD

  • Manage company‚Äôs security and compliance risk
  • Protect company assets (customer data, intellectual property, etc.)
  • Decrease costs associated with providing corporate-issued devices to employees
  • Implement overall best business practice
  • Enhance employee morale and increase productivity

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