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Assured Technology Solutions has a unique approach that is a perfect blend of products, services and consulting that when enacted on your organization, will ultimately reduce your operating and staffing costs, increasing your profitability. With 17 years of experience working with business and organizations just like yours, Assured Technology Solutions has the knowledge, experience, insight, and successful track record that will give you the advantage.


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It is our personal guarantee to provide you the best experience possible and simplify your use of technology making it: reliable, secure and always available.  We deliver on our promise of by successfully accomplishing the following:

  • Create additional value in your existing technology investment
  • Maximize user productivity by ensuring you have the right solutions with the proper management
  • Reduce risk by ensuring the right solutions are in place and compliance requirements are met


To assist clients in meeting their business objectives by providing an exceptional customer experience with the products and services we offer, and to give our staff a challenging and meaningful place to develop and use their professional skills.


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