AssureIT -  Redundant, verified, cloud backup

Disaster Recovery is the single most important  component of an IT infrastructure. Business continuity and thereby profitability and growth depend on speedy, reliable retrieval of data assets following a disaster.

Whether data loss occurs from theft, ransomware, natural disaster or a catastrophic event involving your physical location; AssureIT from Assured Technology Solutions will ensure that you can easily and rapidly get back to work and restore your computing infrastructure.

ATS employs Microsoft VSS in redundant, remote SAS-70 compliant data centers in Portland Oregon and San Antonio Texas. Your applications will continue to work during an outage.

AssureIT from Assured Technology Solutions key features:

  • Complete data / server image - Continue to work from backup location if necessary
  • Daily Monitoring – We check the backup process daily
  • Quarterly recovery testing - Backups are only effective if the restore is successful
  • Duplicate, separate storage sites - Access your data and applications in the case of a local outage
  • Application aware - utilizing Microsoft VSS
  • Initial cloud seeding - faster synchronization
  • Cloud access during outages - Continue to work with remote image
  • No upfront or installation costs – All included in monthly cost


Rest Assured that you can sustain a physical loss, hacker attack or ransomware attack with AssureIT from ATS