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Business Continuity

Don't be caught with your IT down

Now more than ever before, uptime is everything for companies. When mission-critical systems go down, so does the business and the potential associated risks of reputational damage, legal liabilities, productivity loss and even lost clients. No matter the size of your business, your intellectual property is more valuable than you think. Be prepared and ensure your business survival. We provide business continuity solutions, planning and consulting services in Portland, OR. Our expert business continuity consultants can help you assess the best solution for your company size and data needs.

Have you been putting off protecting your data because you consider yourself in a safe zone from natural disasters?

The reality is that network outages, equipment failure, file corruption and human error are the leading culprits to data loss events. Server malfunction or someone hitting the delete key on an important document are far more likely than natural disasters. A real business continuity solution requires AssureIT Services, a secure hybrid business continuity solution.

ATS AssureIT Services Include:

  • Hybrid Onsite and Cloud Storage Backup – Local backup is just not enough
  • Redundant backup of data to 3 secure locations across the country
  • Files can be restored within minutes
  • Data encrypted at transmission and at rest
  • HIPAA, SOX, PCI compliant
  • Archiving hourly, daily, weekly or monthly

Business continuity is no longer merely a “nice-to-have” option but instead a “must-have” necessity to ensure your business survival. For complete Business Continuity, we recommend T.O.P.S. (Total Operation Protection Services), our premium all-inclusive managed services solution as well as Microsoft’s Office 365 to simplify your email challenges.